Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jackson Mountain

Type: Pub Grub
Location: Washington St. Mall, Cape May, NJ, 08204
Price Range: Inexpensive

Yeah, it's pub grub, but you can get a Yuengling or Boddington's there. The odd thing is that your potato chips come in a small still-sealed bag from Wise. Get over it, tuck the bag in your pocket, and bring it home.

The burgers are grilled just right, but the "crab melt" is way too rich for one person to eat. It comes on an English muffin. If there are only two of you, I'd ask to split the crab melt. It does not reheat well, as leftovers.

Service is fine, even when the joint isn't that busy, around mid-afternoon. Around dinner time, it really gets hopping, but your waiter or waitress won't leave you neglected. Please give your server a good tip. They really work for it.

Pros: right there in the center of town; good pub grub
Cons: leave your car at home, and just walk there

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