Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cafe Monet

Type: French
Location: 309 Millburn Ave., Millburn, NJ, 07941
Price Range: Expensive

It's a bit hoity-toity, and expensive, but the food is damn good. They cook fish perfectly -- flaky, but not dry, and not uncooked in the middle (which is my biggest complaint with chefs who seem to be afraid of fish). Their steaks are also cooked perfectly. When you order a steak medium-rare, it comes out darkish pink and juicy, but not oozing red juices.

Monet is open for lunch on Wednesdays through Fridays, but I prefer it for dinner. The salads are good, as are the fries, but c'mon, you can get good fries at a diner or pub, and make a salad yourself.

I've never had a problem with service, but others have, so perhaps it's a bit uneven. The joint is BYO.

Pros: excellent food
Cons: you may have to park in a lot a block or two away, and walk

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