Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Type: Pub Grub
Location: 411 Beach Ave., Cape May, NJ, 08204
Price Range: Low - Moderate

As is typical of pub grub, you can pay $10 - $15 for either a dinner-sized salad, or fish and chips, etc., and get a beer for around $4. What surprised me is how well the food has come along over the years. I used to hate this place, and tried to avoid it like the plague, but no longer.

Carney's is actually good nowadays. The "fish and chips" is decent, with no overabundance of batter on the fish, and the fries come out crispy. All you need is a bit of malt vinegar, which they will bring, if you ask for it.

Don't go for the pizza, though. That's what turned me off to the place, all those years ago. The crust is crispy-thin fine, but the toppings are, um, well . . .

Pros: easy walk from anywhere in town
Cons: too much nightlife, if you catch my drift

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