Friday, March 06, 2009

Electric Stovetop

As much as I'm excited about closing on a new house in a little over a week, the new kitchen may take some getting used to. The neighborhood doesn't have a hookup to natural gas, so the oven and stovetop are electric. I like the idea of a wall oven, even if it screams 1969 avocado green, but find the stovetop a little strange.

It's one of those models that's sunk into, and is flush with the counter. Those were all the rage in the mid-late1970s, but I've never cooked on one before. They're easy to clean, but if it's anything like the electric coil stove I had to cook on when we lived in London back in the mid-70s, the heat won't adjust up or down nearly as fast as a gas stove. I may have to make hollandaise and bearnaise sauce in a double boiler, or else keep pulling it off the heat as necessary. I'm more concerned about making the heat go as low as necessary, than as high.

I'd rather have a gas Viking stove, but it's not exactly an option, and I don't feel like retrofitting the place with a propane tank, just for a stove. I'll get used to the electric, sooner or later, but it's a little daunting at the moment.

That said, the new house rocks!

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