Monday, January 24, 2011

New Kitchen Gadget

I bought this food processor today to replace a Cuisinart that was over 30 years old.  The old one had a pretty powerful motor, which still works like a champ, but one by one, all the plastic pieces cracked and broke, leaving me with a motor, a bowl with no handle, the cover, and just the one metal chopping blade.

The thing was so old that it didn't even have on/off/pulse buttons; the lid had to be rotated by hand to engage the motor.  In all fairness, my mom probably used it three or four times, so she gave it to me when they moved, and were looking to give away or get rid of some things.  It was intact, with all its parts/accessories, but as soon as I started using it, plastic parts started cracking, rendering them useless.

Comparing that one to this one is sort of like comparing a mule to a thoroughbred.  This one has a 1000w motor.  Lesser models were available with 500w motors, but I really didn't want to bother spending the money on something potentially underpowered, when it encounters a chunk of raw root vegetable, or cabbage.

What I love most about this model is its nesting smaller bowl.  It allows me to whoosh together a batch of hummus in the smaller bowl without having to get the entire rest of it gooky.  It also helps a lot that the slicing blade is adjustable to various heights, like a mandoline, which sort of eliminates the need to use my mandoline for root veggies.  I can go from potato chip thin to cole slaw cabbage thick fairly quickly.

I know -- this reads like I'm a new convert to food processors.  That's not completely true.  I understood their value, but never had one before that worked for their purpose as well as the 1950s Kitchen Aid Professional model table top mixer I have, and use, for making cake batter, especially cheesecake and red velvet batters.

At the very least, I will no longer have to shave slices of cabbage and shred carrots by hand with a knife and grater, or a mandoline.  That saves a heck of a lot of time.

It's a rather large.  If you don't have the countertop space for it, or the space to hise it away, it probably isn't the appliance for you.  But, if you do, I think you'll like it.

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